The blue menu bar located at the bottom of the screen is the most useful part of Toodle Tale. This is the hub where you can communicate with your friends, check your team stats, and see the map.

Below is a picture of a player in the store, Fresh Cherries. At the bottom of the picture you will see the blue bar.

Blue Bar

Buttons listed from the left to the right:

Toodle Menu (Toodles):
Toodle menu

The toodle menu is the menu that you access to read the description of your toodle, check your toodle's stats, inventory, and to look at their personality type.

It is on this menu you can also change your toodles name.

Inventory (Items):

This menu is located under the button that looks like a backpack.

Once you open up your inventory you will see a screen that looks like this.

The tab that is currently opened up is the Food & Potion tab. The other tabs include Clothing, Toodleware, and Miscellaneous.

To feed your toodle you have to click on the food item that interests you and drag it over the toodle of your choice and drop it.

This is the main way of interacting with Toodle Tale menus: dragging an item and dropping it on the correct location.

Quest Log (Walkthrough):

This is the button that you click on to see the status of your quests.


You can use these to show emotions to your friends. They pop-up on the main game screen.

Dialogue Bar (Parental Privacy Settings):

This is the place that you can type in bubble chat. There are different parental control settings that can be put in place to limit who can see your bubble chat.

Friend List and Teams (Teams):

This is the button that you click on to see a list of your friends and your team status. This is the menu that you can join and leave teams, or if you are super lucky... make your own team.

In this menu you can also find your friends.

Settings (Settings): This is the button that you click on to access your account settings. For more information follow the link to the Toodle Tale Settings page.


This button will let you access the map of your current location, as well as the map of Pandora.


This button is the button you click on to minimize your blue menu bar. This is helpful when trying to walk down in Toodle Tale.