Baby Raiden

Baby Raiden

Stage: 1

Evolution Rate: None

Evolution Path: Raiden, Frost Dragon

Color: Ice

Type: Dragon

Attack Name: Minty Breath

Block Name: Squirrel Roll

Evolve Level: 41

Description: This baby dragon has adapted to the Trepid Tundra region of Pandora. Its fur keeps it warm and toasty while allowing it to stay hidden from large predators.

Raiden, Frost Dragon

Raiden Frost Dragon

Stage: 2

Evolution Rate: None

Evolution Path: None

Color: Ice

Type: Dragon

Attack Name: Icy Annihilation

Block Name: Wing Shield

Evolve Level: None

Description: It takes a long time before the Raiden fully grows up. But soon enough, you will see a dragon of wisdom, courage, and strength.

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