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Meke King Task 1/Doris' Hollow Trees:

Once inside Meke Village speak to King Lyra.


He will start you on the next piece of the main quest.

Apparently the village had been attacked by thieves. They are in desperate need of food and water.

At this point you will ask about Meke Maze. He will tell you “no” at this point, but you still offer to help the village.

He will send you to talk to Doris.

At this point the quest Meke King is added to your quest log.


Doris is located in the screen down from King Lyra.

She will tell you that her hollow tree farm has been destroyed.

She will send you to get 3 seeds from Northwood at Night.

She will tell you that you must take an inverted portal to get there.

It is located in the Dark Woods. Doris updates your quest log with how to find the inverted portal in the Dark Woods.

It reads: When you are in the Dark Woods of Northwood look for the snail fossils. Click on one and watch it feed. Make the food grow back before waking the other fossil. Good luck- Doris

Battling the Thief:


At this point you need to travel to the Dark Woods.

Tip: The fastest way to get there from Meke Village is to fast travel to the Northwood hospital and then walk to the Dark Woods from there.

Once inside the Dark Woods you will run into your old friend the thief. Talk to him.

You will ask him if he is a part of the raid that happened to Meke Village.


He doesn’t like this and he initiates battle.

He has two toodles so be careful.

After you defeat both of his toodles, he throws a

smoke grenade and runs away.

After this you are able to continue on your search for the inverted portal.

Walk through the doorway he had been blocking.

Getting Through the Snail Fossil Doorway:


At this point you will be in the screen with the snail fossils. (They look like stone snails).


First Click on one of the snails. It will crack open, and a live snail will come out.


It will eat the pink and purple flower and then crawl out of the screen.

Next Click on the flower stem. This will cause the flower to re-grow.


Next Click on the other snail. It will do the same thing. Afterwards a door will open up.

Walk through the hidden doorway.

The Ancient Carvings:


Follow the path until you get to this screen.

Click on the ancient carvings.

They are blinking gold.

A new page will pop-up.

It depicts the carvings up close.

It shows that the platform is activated with 5 Nitepole Goos.

Note: You get Nitepole Goo by defeating wild Nitepoles throughout Pandora.


Starting the Inverted Portal:


Walk up to the portal.

Note: If you start inserting Nitepole Goo and run out. It’s okay. The inverted pillar will store your progress until you come back.

Click on one of the 5 pillars on the portal.

It will ask if you wish to insert a Nitepole Goo.

Click yes.

Once you successfully inserted the Nitepole Goo the pillar will light with flame.

Continue with this process until all of the pillars are lit

Tip: BEWARE the portal is only activated for one trip at a time so be ready before you go!.

Once you are ready step through the portal by clicking on it.

Welcome to Northwood at Night:


Tip: Your main goal in Northwood at Night is to find the hollow tree seeds, but it doesn’t hurt to look around while you are here! :)

This is the screen that you will start out in. You will see the not so subtle differences between Northwood and Northwood at Night.

Note: If you look at your map now it will be blank because you are in a different reality.

There is only one exit in this screen.

Once you walk through it you will be in this screen. At this point there isn’t an exit for you to walk through. You have to play the music board.

Opening the Music Board Door:


The only way to continue on and find the hollow tree seeds is to play to correct melody on the music board.

To do this you have to first click on the music board. It is the colorful circles located in the middle of the screen.

First it will completely glow. Then a key will be pushed. It will play your first note as well as light up.

Click on it. The music board will now play another note. You must click on your first note and then the second note.

This is a test of your memory. So you must click on each circle in the right order.

You will have to do this until 5 keys have been pushed. Between each added note the melody will be played.

Then a doorway will open up to your left.

Walk through it.

Finding Hollow Tree 1:


You will find yourself in the screen

pictured to the right.

Go up and click on the hollow tree.

It will disappear and you will get a popup message that says you found a hollow tree.

Your quest log will be updated.

You only have two more hollow trees to find at this point.

Walk on to the left.

Finding the Locked Chest and Light Bulb:


In this screen you will see a treasure chest like the one pictured to the right..

Note: You will see more of these treasure chests in future quests.


Walk up at click on it.

You will see a screen like the one pictured to the right. It is a complicated lock.

There are pieces that you must find all over Northwood at Night to unlock it.

By hovering your cursor over the


picture you find out that you need

to find a battery, a light bulb, and

a key.

Continue on by walking up.

You will find yourself in this screen.

In the upper left corner you will see a light bulb.

Click on it. It will disappear when you have picked it up.

Continue on by walking to your right.

Finding Hollow Tree Number 2:


Eventually you will find this screen.

Click on the Hollow Tree and pick it up.

Your quest log will update at this point.

You only have one more Hollow Tree to find.

You now have two directions that you can walk. Up and to the right.

It doesn’t matter which way you go. A circle will be completed.

In this walkthrough we go to the right.

Walk to the right.

Opening the Locked Chest:


If you go to the right you will enter a screen that has the key to the Locked Chest in it.

Click on the Key to pick it up.

If you continue on your way by walking up and into the next screen.will end-up on Sandy Shores at Night.


You will end-up at Sandy Shores at Night. Continue along Sandy Shores to the left. Eventually you will run into a Flutterbee. Battle and defeat it.


It will give you the AA Battery that you need for the locked chest.


Go back to the Locked Chest. Click on it. This will prompt the items you found

around Northwood to be plugged in and the chest to be unlocked.


Click on the now unlocked chest.

It will tell you that there is a button inside of it.


Push the button. This will cause a new pathway to be opened up.

Going Through the Opened Gate:


Walk up. You will now be at Fresh Cherries at Night.

Walk to the right. Continue to do so until you are in the screen where you found the Key before.

This is the screen that the gate opened up in. It is to the right. Walk through it.

The Last Hollow Tree:


You are now in the screen with the last Hollow Tree in it.

Click on it.

Your quest log will be updated.

You are now ready to return to Doris.

Going Back to Doris:


Click as fast as you can on the button that is in the screen you are standing in.

It will open a portal.

A light will shine brighter and brighter…

Once It becomes a portal, you will be transferred back to Northwood.


Fast travel back to the Meke Hospital and walk down.

Talk to Doris. She will give you 200 Chromes and take the Hollow Trees.

She will tell you to go talk to King Lyra again.


King Lyra will tell you that you have completed one task for him, but that he has two more for you. He says that he will grant you passage to the Temperate Meadows upon completion of all 3 tasks.

You agree, and he sends you to talk to Zambia.

Meke King Task 2 Part 1:


The second task starts at the finish of the first. King Lyra sends you to talk to the dragon trainer Zambia.

He is located at the top of Meke village.

Walk up the stairs behind King Lyra to the left.

Then walk up the stairs again to the left.


You are now in the screen with Zambia. Talk to him.

He will ask you if you know where his Vespasaur is.

You aren’t sure what a Vespasaur is but you agree to help find the frightened toodle.

A message pops-up to go talk to King Lyra about getting into the Meke Maze

Go back down and talk to King Lyra.

He will tell you that he can’t help you with that and to go ahead and complete task 3.

Meke King Task 3:


He tells you to go talk to Milo and Linda about task 3.

They are located in the screen located to the right of King Lyra.

This is the scene that you will see.

Click on them. Now talk to Linda.

She will tell you that Milo was poisoned when the thieves attacked.

The antidote is time sensitive.


She will send you into the Meke Ruins to retrieve it.

It is the Purple Licka Plant.


It will be distinguishable by its purple branches.

You only have three minutes to get the Purple Licka Plant and bring it back.

She tells you that you should try to avoid toodles.

Tip: To “dodge like a pro” you have to be patient. Don’t try to run through the screen. You have to plan your path around the toodles… but still be fast… :)

Walk out of Meke Village into Meke Ruins.

Keep walking down until you can’t anymore and then walk as far as you can to the left.

Then walk up one screen.


You will now see the Purple Licka Plant.

Walk up and click on it.

Now fast travel back to the Meke Villagehospital.

Walk down and to the right.

You are now back at Linda and Milo.


Walk over and talk to Linda.

Note: If you fail at your first attempt you can keep trying! :)

After you give Linda the Purple Licka Plant Milo will be healed.

Talk to Linda again.

She will thank you and tell you to talk to Milo.

Click on Milo.

He will thank you and open Meke Maze for you!

The third task is now complete.

Meke King Task 2 Part 2:


It is now time to go to Meke Maze!

To get there you have to walk out of Meke Village and into Meke Ruins.

Once in the Meke Ruins walk straight down until you hit a dead end.

Then walk to the left as far as you can.

Now walk up two screens.


You should be in the screen that Meke Maze is located in.

It is located on the right side of the screen.

You are now in Meke Maze.

Follow the route pictured to the right to the Vespasaur.

It is located in the bottom right corner.



Battle and defeat the Vegasaur standing guard over the Vespasaur.

After he passes out you will see that he is wearing a weird amulet.

Now click on the Vespasaur.

Take it with you.

Go back to Zambi in Meke Village.

Zambi will thank you and give you 200 Chromes.

You can now ask him about the weird purple amulet.

He says that it means that Eldroth’s army is behind all the problems in Meke Village.

It is time to go speak to King Lyra one more time.

He will give you an amulet and grant you passage to Temperate Meadows!

The quest Meke King is now complete.

To continue on your journey to Temperate Meadows go to Chapter 4.